Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Been A While

It has been too many months to count since my last post.
Its not something I'm proud of but I have been a busy busy girl. ;)
E has been keeping me a busy girl.

Be warned mums, as soon as they start walking any form of relaxation is totally over.
It's like a switch, 'hey I can walk now' 'oh hey look what I can do - everything' (From opening cupboards and doors to putting her (and my) shoes on to talking more to agreeing/disagreeing with what ever you say, the list goes on)

The transformation feels over night! I defiantly don't have a bubba anymore :( which is sad but on the other hand E has so much more personality and she is just absolutely beautiful! She is a big sweety and very funny. You mums/parents have so much to look forward to as frustrating as it can be!