Monday, September 9, 2013

Real Funny!?!

Ok, so the new house does have a toilet inside....N thought it would be real funny to torment me for the last 6 months and has got everyone else to play along...I'm laughing on the inside...?

We went there over the weekend for a bit of a final inspection since it settles today...finally.
Let the fun begin

Friday, September 6, 2013

Call me...minion

Well, today I feel was a productive's not very often I get time that is kid free but E went to her nannie and pas for the afternoon, I still had AJ but she kindly had a 3 and a half/4 hour sleep. I moved around furniture and vacuumed and mopped under it all, I cleaned out E's cupboard, packed away some stuff, did some washing, cleaned out AJ's room and check over some of my sister-in-laws work. And now I'm about to make dinner. If only I could get paid for this type of stuff I would be rich hahaha.

Let me know if you need anything done (but I may start charging hahaha)

P.S. the house settles Monday...yay!