Friday, February 15, 2013

A future

A good friend of mine was in a car accident a little while ago now. It was pretty bad, going 100kms an hour and rolled the car 5 times...all three in the car walked away. Looking at the car I dont know how they survived...with hardly a scratch...
You have to remember what is important at the end of the day...sometimes you have to remind the people around you how much they mean to you. I would hate for someone important to me leave this world without knowing they mean so much.
It has made N and I get off our butts and finally write our will, I know but better later then never right?

It takes a village!?!

Its been a while, but I have been extremely busy with two kids. They are absolutely beautiful and amaze me everyday. E is just the sweetest (most of the time) which makes me love her more and more everyday and AJ is a clever little cookie which makes me feel as though I may actually be doing an ok job (shes my reassurance hahaha).
Life has changed a lot and got me thinking about how much pressure we put on ourselves as mothers to do absolutely everything. Why are we no longer able to ask for help? Its like society makes us feel inferior if we need a little help every now and again.
Why do we put all this pressure on our selves feeling as though we have to raise our children alone? What ever happened to 'it takes a village a raise a child'?
A friend was over the other day - I was in the toilet with the two girls singing and reading books to try and get my friends daughter to do wees on the toilet (the joys of starting toilet training, E was showing her friend how its done hahaha) and my friend cleaned up the toys the girls had been playing with, as easy as that and I had a clean house again...
I know how it feels to not be able to ask those around you for help but I'm sure there is someone you can...maybe a best friend? And when you feel up to it don't forget your friends may feel the same about not asking for help when they really need it so take the time to help without them asking...invite them for coffee and help toilet train their kids...don't just sit and chat...think of something that might help raising kids easier! Being a mum can be challenging, overwhelming, disheartening, and lonely...everyone needs a little help sometimes and sometimes it takes a village!