Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope your all feeling good and refreshed for the year to come

I have never really done new years resolutions but this year I thought why not, so these are my new years resolutions, I would love to know yours as well, ideas for next year!

Be a better housewife - start sewing and be more organised ect
Start studying a bookkeeping course, and
Organise some wedding details
Have another baby

The Year That Was 2011

Fun with a cardboard box

Great Nan's 80th

 E's first birthday

E's first snow trip

Mmmmm good food

Fathers Day

A new playground (that still isnt finished)

E started walking and taking herself to bed 

Growing up too fast!

My cousin's wedding


First beach fun

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We went to the beach today and had some great fun! Hope you like my pictures!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas Day 2011

Christmas is over, for another year.
Its always a busy day filled with family, good food and great gifts (as always).
The day started at N's parents house with a yummy breakfast (bacon, eggs and croissants) and presents, so many presents, E definitely got spoilt with presents from her nan and pa, Auntie S and Uncle A.
It was then time to head to my parents - we take it in turns with who we spend lunch with, this year it was my parents with my sister, her hubby and my beautiful niece. My niece just couldn't wait to her open presents under the amazing tree my parents had decorated, its all just too tempting. Again E got extremely spoilt from her other nan and pa, Aunty M, Uncle D and Cuz R! Everything is too temping about Christmas Day, for the kids its the presents, for the adults its eating and drinking too much, speaking of which once the presents were opened, our energy levels were low, definitely time for lunch!

We had all the trimmings - ham, turkey and pork - cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce, peas, beans and roasted potato. Mmmmmm bring on those extra calories! My mums sweets are the best though, nothing but the best - Lindt Lindor chocolates, fresh home-made ice cream and pavlova. Could not have been any more full, I thought I was going to roll home or to the beach since that's where we were heading.
We hit the road and hit with the thunderstorm and hail which was reported all around Melbourne. The hail we got was no where near as exciting as other reports, ours was about the size of marbles not even photo worthy however half way to the beach it just stopped raining, I was sure it was following us!

But it never came.
N and I finished the night off by watch FastFive (which he got from Santa) :)
Could not have asked for a better day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Sucks!

What was I thinking?
Yes, I'm pregnant again (if you didn't know already), as happy as I am, right now, I'm so not!
Seriously, what was I thinking?
The happiness of my current family status clearly clouded my judgement!
I do remember now (bit too late) how much a hated being pregnant with E. 

I knew I was pregnant this time when I 'needed' sugar. Great, lets pile that weight on. In stead of snacking like I did with E I'm trying to make a meal, even if I feel sick. I'm also hoping this tiredness and nausea will cease soon! Really soon!

The hair on my head is falling out and the hair everywhere else....lets just say is on steroids! Wooohooo!!

The head aches, the back aches and the aches in general...this is AWESOME...