Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Sucks!

What was I thinking?
Yes, I'm pregnant again (if you didn't know already), as happy as I am, right now, I'm so not!
Seriously, what was I thinking?
The happiness of my current family status clearly clouded my judgement!
I do remember now (bit too late) how much a hated being pregnant with E. 

I knew I was pregnant this time when I 'needed' sugar. Great, lets pile that weight on. In stead of snacking like I did with E I'm trying to make a meal, even if I feel sick. I'm also hoping this tiredness and nausea will cease soon! Really soon!

The hair on my head is falling out and the hair everywhere else....lets just say is on steroids! Wooohooo!!

The head aches, the back aches and the aches in general...this is AWESOME...

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