Thursday, July 7, 2011

Judgement Day

The one thing I hate about being a parent is the feeling of being judged ALL the time. From how clean/dirty the house is, to what E is eating, what E is wearing, what I wear or look like, my plan of attack towards discipline, what I let E do (ie. things she can and cant touch), and what I do with my 'alone time' (if I get any). But then again I feel people are judging me because I'd like to take some 'alone time' every now and again (so I don't take it) but I'm allowed to aren't I?
Ahhhh then there is not only the feeling of being judged but that look that I'm apparently doing something wrong...
Of course I want whats best for my child and maybe since I don't like being judged its making me a better parent...but who knows...I just put more and more pressure on myself.

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