Thursday, July 7, 2011

Judgement Day

The one thing I hate about being a parent is the feeling of being judged ALL the time. From how clean/dirty the house is, to what E is eating, what E is wearing, what I wear or look like, my plan of attack towards discipline, what I let E do (ie. things she can and cant touch), and what I do with my 'alone time' (if I get any). But then again I feel people are judging me because I'd like to take some 'alone time' every now and again (so I don't take it) but I'm allowed to aren't I?
Ahhhh then there is not only the feeling of being judged but that look that I'm apparently doing something wrong...
Of course I want whats best for my child and maybe since I don't like being judged its making me a better parent...but who knows...I just put more and more pressure on myself.

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  1. All Mum's need time to themselves. If you think about it, if you keep in touch with yourself and stay sane it'll be better for E anyways! And you need the time away to keep in touch with yourself so you remain the person your partner fell in love with <3 I hate the judgement cast over us mother's. I had no idea until I had Hamilton… Someone made a snide remark the other day because I posted a photo of Hamilton in a short body suit. Yes it was cold outside but my house was like a sauna cause the ducted air was on…I was so mad! It gets under my skin.. No one knows our babies better than us and it's evident we only want/do the best for THEM. WE know what THEY wan't. No other person has the right to cast judgement upon us! I never, wouldn't even dream of casting judgement over another mother… that is ludicrous! I can definitely relate to this blog and feel the EXACT same way. I've felt like a bad Mum from the day he came out because people can't keep their mouths shut or their opinions to themselves. I'm starting to learn to ignore them because I know they won't stop.. but it gets under my skin like no tomorrow!

  2. Motherhood is really competitive & I must admit I can get caught up in it...sometimes I think "I would never do that!!" but I make sure never to intentionally offend anyone, each to their own. Alot of it comes from our own insecurities come on who doesn't love a good episode of "teen mom" to look down on! But we should all band together, support each other, provide an ear ather than opinions.
    Everyone is entitled to some me time! I have a great balance I think, I still work & dance but haven't spent longer than a few hours away from my bub, I haven't lost myself but redefined myself. And happy mumma means happy bubba.
    C& G xx