Thursday, April 7, 2011

'Just' a mum!?!

So many mum's out there are a mum and something else. I'm not saying they are bad mum's at all but I guess it makes me feel like I'm not good enough as a person as I'm nothing more then 'just' as mum.Why is it that a mum can't just be a mum...?
Once you have a child you can or will be referred to as a mum or dad forever and this is has no effect on your participation in the childs life. A mum can palm off their child at every opportunity and still call themselves a mum, although not a good one in my books. I guess it is similar to someone who has a high profile job, but just because they have it, doesnt mean they are good at it.
Even I felt, for my twitter bio, that I couldn't just write "I'm a mum", I had to write "I'm a blogger AND a young mum" is it not enough to just be a mum?
Maybe I could say "full-time stay at home mum" but I'm still justifying that at the moment I'm 'just' a mum, by saying "full-time" I guess internaly makes me better then the mums who do just palm off their kids...why can't I just be a mum and feel like it's enough?

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