Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday Blog Hop

I have decided to create a weekly blog hop. I hope you Enjoy!
For easy access I have created a page for you all to link up your blog and each Wednesday I will feature a blog on my home page and send out a tweet regarding it.
So lets get hopping!

Add your blog here.


  1. Awesome idea! It's all about networking and sharing ideas :)
    I love your background images btw.

  2. awesome, I am following you from The Adventures of 8's Tuesday Blog Hop, thanks for stopping by:) Shauna

  3. Well, I put my name instead of my blog title by accident (slaps self on forhead)but with two kiddos running around arguing with each other and my hubby and twin step-sons are out helping with the rescue/cleanup efforts after the storms hit the Tennessee area - my brain is half fried

    I love this blog and am following from Parenting - This Crazy Beautiful Life

  4. I hope everyone is enjoying my blog hop. Let me know if you have questions or comments :)