Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harden Up Princess!

Sometimes I think being a single mum would be emotionally easier!
There wouldnt be the pressure from your partner to make sure the house is spick and span for when they get home no matter what kind of day you have had.
There wouldnt be fights about money because it would all be yours to spend on what you want.
You wouldnt feel so crap when you cant meet their ideals of what should or shouldnt be done ie. getting bubs looked after so you can just have a day; we did originally agree to this but now in the situation, I need a day!
And there wouldnt be anyone to dissapoint you.


  1. Being a single mom does have its perks - the ones you named are included. Also, drinking out of the 2L of Diet Pepsi and sticking it back in the fridge with no one complaining, walking around naked, leaving a mess whenever you want to, going to bed and getting up whenever you want to....all bonuses.

    But falling asleep and waking up alone really does start to suck after a while.

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