Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Library

My new best friend is the library. I know that might sound sad but I think it is the central hub for the community. The library generally holds information sessions and family events to get people involved in the community. Check out your library events calendar to find out more.
My local libraries hold events such as:
Computer Help
Beginners Internet Training
Multicultural Interaction Group
Chinese Friendship Group
Auslan Toddler Storytime
Bright Star for Babies 4-6mths
This is just to name a few. Many of the events are free or really cheap! For more information on the Eastern Regional Libraries events, go to the website.

And dont forget the lilbrary is a great source for ideas to entertain the kids while learning. Of course there are books but you can also borrow magazines, DVD's and CD's for both parents and kids. You can also borrow books/magazines/DVD's/CD's from other library branches just by placing holds on them and it gets brought to your local library.
You may also find your library will have local magazines (Mine has the Melbourne Child) and papers as well as pamphlets - generally just inside the door.
Dont forget about the library - its free!

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