Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Words

Well, E said her first words a little while ago, it was when she was about 6 months old and she started saying Bubbubbub, soooooo cute. She now says it like its going out of fashion! We also think she says 'woof' every now and again, but I'm sure she probably wont want to claim that as her first word when she gets older, so we will just leave it as bub :). 
E even seems to create a sentence using just the word bub over and over- I'm sure she thinks I know what she is really saying, she just get that look on her face. 
E is now in training to say mum, as long as she says it before dad I will have done my job, however I don't like my chances...
What were your kids first words? Did they say mum before dad (please say yes, please say yes)?


  1. I hope my bub says Mum first!!! I'll be home all day saying Muuum... !!! In fact it'll be the only word spoken in this house until he says it !! LOL jks..

  2. I like your thinking :) hehehe