Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swim Swim Swim

Teaching your baby to swim can be a fun bonding activity for both parents to take part in or a great activity for mothers/parents groups. Not only teaching your baby to swim can familiarizing them with water can be fun but extremely beneficial in helping your baby feel comfortable in water and making the introduction to swimming lessons later a lot easier. Early swim programs are generally designed to help children start to understand some water safety and learn to respect water.
Generally children who drown have actually been supervised however unfortunately the level of supervision has not been adequate, it only takes a few seconds, when a parent is distracted, for a drowning to occur. 

Some safety tips around water:
- Always actively supervise your child
- Always be within arms reach of your child when they are in the water
- Never turn your back on your child when they are in or near water, any water!
- Don't rely on anyone else to supervise, even lifeguards (they have a lot of people to try and keep watch on)

Contact your local pool or organize to go swimming with your family today!

(Source: VICSWIM and an article by Kylie Hansen)

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