Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not Pretty, Not Fun

This picture is of me at my baby shower, I was so puffy, I hated it!

I'm not sure who said pregnancy is a great and beautiful thing, it's not. 
Yes, it's amazing your creating another human being, your own flesh and blood but all those things that go with it, definitely not attractive. I referred to being pregnant as going through puberty again. 
To begin with apart from feeling sick for the first few weeks (sometimes it can be longer) I started going through the fat stage where I just looked like I had put on weight in my gut, I started thinking everyone (especially people I had not told) were looking at me, judging me because I had put on weight. I got really hairy especially in embarrassing places (ie. my snail trail), my hair and skin become oily, my breasts got larger and of course sore, my hips expanded and toward the end my areola got darker and became alot larger. I got stretch marks, kankles and sausage fingers. Where is the fun in all that?
In the end I also felt really venerable walking through the streets alone, my iron was really low so I had minimal energy definitely not enough if someone wanted to attack me and because my belly was so big I definitely would not have been able to run. I could not see the fun and excitement!

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